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    Urban Mobility


    We promote eco-friendly ways to move around the city.

    Cars are a major source of CO2 emissions. As a Supporter of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, which encourages cities to cut on CO2 emissions, we encourage people to choose public transport, bicycles or walking over using private cars. To do this, cities need to create an environment conducive to eco-friendly modes of transportation, and this is where urban mobility planning comes in.

    Our experts helped cities to engage local stakeholders, from local authorities, businesses and community members, to the design of its very own Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. This strategic document aims to improve the transportation system in Polotsk and promote eco-friendly means of transport.   

    We are also part of a community that helps German NGO Climate Alliance to coordinate an international campaign ZOOM – Kids on the Move for Climate. Children who participate in the ZOOM campaign learn about the benefits of using sustainable modes of transport in their daily journeys and adopting an eco-friendly behavior.

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