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    ZOOM – Kids on the Move

    2015 - current

    ZOOM – Kids on the Move is a campaign of Climate Alliance. It runs all over the world each year since 2002. Children from 41 countries took part in the campaign over these years.

    Since 2015, Interakcia has been coordinating the ZOOM campaign in Belarus.


    By taking part in the ZOOM campaign, children learn about the benefits of using sustainable modes of transport in their daily journeys and adopting an eco-friendly behavior.

    Participation in the campaign is open to children from 4 to 12 years old. To register their classes or kindergarten groups for participation in the campaign, teachers should send an expression of interest to the ZOOM national coordinator (Marina Borisova, marina.borisova@interakcia.ngo).

    What is the ZOOM campaign all about?
    Starting from April, campaign participants hold activity weeks on climate change. It can be one week or more.
    During the Climate Week, teachers conduct classes on environmental topics. Climate Alliance offers several modules and materials on urban mobility, energy saving and use of local resources that can help teachers to organize ZOOM activities.
    During the Climate Week, children who participate in the ZOOM campaign and their parents are asked to walk, bike or take public transport instead of using their private car. For each ‘sustainable’ daily trip to school, kindergarten, out-of-school activity or any other location, children get to put a ‘green footprint’ sticker into their sticker album.
    At the end of the year, Green Footprints collected by all ZOOM participants are summed up to create a route for the symbolic ‘Climate Voyage around the One World’. The journey starts in Europe at UN Climate Secretariat in Bonn, Germany and - travelling once around the world - ends at the venue of the annual UN Climate Summit. Short stopovers on every continent help us to understand some more about worldwide problems caused by climate change.
    You can also create your own route by calculating the distance from your school to the location of the UN Climate Summit.
    In addition to Green Footprints, children can also collect Blue Footprints for energy saving and Red Footprints for using local resources.

    One of the tasks during the Climate Week is to create your own ‘green wishprint’ – a message shaped like an actual footprint with wishes and ideas on how to fight climate change. Best ideas are presented at the UN Climate Summit, so that thousands of people around the world can see children’s thoughts on how to save the environment.

    Here are some ideas to fight climate change developed by ZOOM participants from Belarus:
    Stop deforestation, pollution of rivers and drainage of marshes;
    Save energy;
    Create more bicycle lanes and promote the use of bicycles
    Walk or take public transport instead of using your own car
    Produce more electric cars
    Produce less waste and create more opportunities for waste disposal and recycling
    Plant more trees and flowers and create more green areas
    Create efficient purification equipment and install modern filters on polluting plants in order to improve the quality of air and water
    Create multi-purpose parking lots to make common areas near apartment buildings free from cars
    Use less chemical fertilizers