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    Education for Sustainable Development


    We love talking to adults and children about sustainable development and how each of them can contribute to it.

    Our team takes part in the development and conduction of the training course on sustainable event management Events for Future for Eastern Partnership countries.

    We believe that it is particularly important to talk to kids about sustainable development. This is why our team is now working on a training course and pack of educational materials that would help parents and teachers to talk about Sustainable Development Goals to younger children (that is, pre-school and elementary school). And earlier, in our water projects, we raised awareness of schoolchildren on the importance of keeping small rivers clean and taught them how to monitor water quality in local rivers, lakes and wells.

    Interakcia is also part of a community that helps a German NGO Climate Alliance to coordinate an international campaign ZOOM – Kids on the Move. Children who participate in the ZOOM campaign learn about the benefits of using sustainable modes of transport in their daily journeys and adopting an eco-friendly behavior.  

    We also partnered with Climate Alliance to adapt one more of their educational tools, Change the Future. This is an interactive platform that helps you to adopt eco-friendly way of life and engage in friendly competitions with the like-minded people.

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