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    Project SURE: Sustainable Urban Energy in the ENPI region

    January 2010 - December 2012

    Interakcia was coordinating the project’s activities as an expert organization

    Budget: € 791 725; EU contribution – € 616 725 (78% of total);

    CIUDAD Programme (Cooperation in Urban Development and Dialogue)

    Location: Polotsk, Vitebsk region, Belarus; the city of Salé (Marocco)

    The main result of the project initiative was the accession of the first cities from Belarus and Morocco to the Covenant of Mayors, as well as the first Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) were developed. These documents were developed for Polotsk and Sale in accordance with EU standards.

    Adhering to this strategy since 2012, the city of Polotsk seeks to make more active use of renewable energy sources (rather than fossil fuels) and to reduce the production of harmful emissions, primarily carbon dioxide. What is especially important: another 35 Belarusian cities are now using similar strategies.

    Main objectives:
    To acquaint specialists from Polotsk and Sale with European developments in the field of sustainable energy, to promote the implementation of these developments and to improve the possibilities of the cities of Polotsk and Sale in the field of sustainable energy development and bring their energy policies in these cities closer to European standards.
    Strengthen cooperation between the European Union countries of the European Union (Germany, Spain) and the ENPI region, as well as between the countries of the eastern and southern regions of the ENPI (Belarus and Morocco).
    Share best practices in energy management with other cities in the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument region
    Experts from Polotsk and Sale were trained on the topic of sustainable energy development in the twin city of Friedrichshafen (Germany) and Murcia (Spain), where new technologies are actively applied in urban energy and transport.
    Polotsk, Sale and Friedrichshafen joined the Covenant of Mayors. This allowed them to develop their own Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans and begin their implementation.
    In Polotsk and Sale, along with other European cities, the first Energy Days were held as part of the European Sustainable Energy Week., European events dedicated to energy efficiency.
    Lighting was modernized on the main avenue of Polotsk: more energy efficient LED lamps appeared on the place of ordinary lamps.
    Thanks to the experience gained in the project, Polotsk and the Interakcia Foundation were able to receive grant support from the European Union for the implementation of SECAP activities in the field of sustainable urban mobility and energy-efficient modernization of urban lighting. As a result, by 2020, Polotsk was able to achieve the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 20% and made a new commitment - to reduce emissions by 30% by 2030.